10 Truths About Layoffs

1. There are worse things than being laid off — like staying in a bad job for “security.”

2. In fact, losing your job may be the best career move you’ll ever make.

3. But don’t be surprised if you are unemployed longer than you expected at first.

4. Start your job search right away, but don’t network too soon. Update your resume and create a job search strategy first.
5. The Internet job postings won’t necessarily solve your job-search problem. It only yields a new job about 5%-10% of the time. You must be able network effectively to find the next job!

6. There may be sacrifices ahead and you may have to settle for less money.

7. You might have to reinvent and re-brand yourself by changing disciplines and industries to be competitive.

8. You may also have to consider relocation to a different city.

9. For all the turmoil, never forget that your professional life span is longer than that of most companies.

10. Your real job is to discover what you truly love and then find a way to make a living doing it.

When in doubt — hire a career transition coach to help you define your skills and competencies and develop a strategy to conduct a professional job search campaign and find your new job more quickly and efficiently.

Good Hunting!
Coach Mark
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