Beating Career Procrastination

The Problem:

The reasons people procrastinate are numerous (see below), however reasons and excuses never got anyone very far in their life or career. Therefore, I recommend that the next time you avoid the patterns of activity you know are a waste of time because they are easy! Instead of sitting behind a computer all day looking at job postings or sending emailed resumes and cover letters while hoping your phone rings – You should consider this: Only 5 % of jobs people get come through the internet! Your activity needs to CHANGE NOW, such as attending networking events and making phone call appointments to meet people in your network who care about your job search success.

The Solution:

Take 5 minutes just to start the task and with the mind set that you will only do it for 5 minutes TODAY, and finish the rest tomorrow. Once you start you may find it hard to stop! The reason why this works so well is because of momentum. (Plus in many instances, the productive activity that you have been putting off for days or weeks – will take less time to finish!)

Know the symptoms of procrastination:

“If I can’t do it RIGHT, I won’t do it at all.”
“I’ll start just networking as soon as I really need to.”

(too much anxiety on what to say or do at a networking)
“I don’t know where to start. It’s too overwhelming.”

(fire, ready, aim?)
“Every job search campaign needs planning to create a strategy.” Lack of a focused strategy causes mistakes, delays and surprises and frustrations. Ask yourself the tough questions and consider asking others for advice! Determine HOW, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN and WHY?

(rationalization, denial)
Due to lack of focus or success you have developed a fear of not having enough experience or qualifications.

(failure to set priorities)
“I’ll make that networking referral phone call next week.”

(negative self esteem, “poor me” in disguise)
“Accepting the fact that you are just the type that always procrastinates.”

Socrates said, “The ultimate power is to know thyself.” Understand that your procrastination is a symptom that is preventing you from securing the right job. So, get to know your strengths and weaknesses to help increase your chances for job search success.

Good Hunting!

Coach Mark

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