Career Coaching Questions Answered

When Should You Hire a Career Coach?

Many of you are able to see the value in investing money and energy into lessons, training or coaching for your hobbies like golf, tennis and skiing. You should also consider the high-value of such an investment for your career. Face it, you will make your next career move one way or another. Wouldn’t it be better to find the “right job” on your terms in the shortest amount of time?

Hiring a Career Transition Coach can be a wise investment for your immediate career situation and for your future, especially when you are already in career transition or job-search mode.

Most experts say that there are several situations in which a career transition coach can be especially helpful. When you want to change industries, change job responsibilities, change geography and as you move up throughout your career to upper levels of executive management and income levels in the $100k + range, a good career coach can be a trusted partner during this process.

What About Recruiters?

When you are buying a house you know that real estate is all about good location. Being placed by a professional recruiter is all about good timing. Remember, recruiters DO NOT finds jobs for people – they find good people for companies! And don’t kid yourself by saying that you have some good recruiters in your corner. You are not the customer for a recruiter. The true customer is the one paying the bill, and that’s the Company! A good recruiter can bring you terrific value when they are searching for a key executive or professional for their client company. However, recruiters are only one tool in your box when you are in a professional job-search campaign.

What’s Outplacement?

Some people have had the opportunity to go through this process with the help of an outplacement firm after being downsized from a company. They have seen the value of this type of assistance. But outplacement firms offer their services in a group setting with cookie-cutter curriculum in a “one size fits all” strategy. A single outplacement consultant is typically “personally” handling 35 – 50 individuals at a time! Assembly line production brings nice profit for the outplacement firm, but your career is too important and unique to be “handled” impersonally.

What’s Individual (One-on-One) Career Coaching?

An individualized career coaching strategy is specifically tailored to your personal career goals is critical for the greatest success of ensuring that your career continues to move in the direction that you desire. The good news is that you can invest in your own career any time you feel it is an especially key time. I would suggest to you that any time you are in a job-search mode that you give serious consideration to hiring a Career Transition Coach.

So, is Career Coaching Worth It?

Absoultely! Many people have found that career coaching has a very valuable ROI. For instance, when you land a position that is truly the right fit much sooner than you would on your own and increase your salary $10,000 or $20,000 then your $3000 to $6,000 investment in coaching is small price to pay. The short-term results are more immediately realized than the long-range benefits, but it is in the long range where the value truly stands out. With the help of a professional career expert, you will land a better job with higher pay that puts you in position for even greater growth for your next promotion or career move. You make the choice!

“There are two types of knowledge. One is knowing what you need. The other is knowing how and where to find it.”

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