The Real Cost of Being Unemployed in 2011?

There is an old saying;

“Never get stuck in a sinking boat frantically bailing water with no time to row ashore!”

Job search networking is more than just connecting with friends, family and business colleagues. Once you have exhausted all your existing network contacts and nothing has happened – then what?

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The 5 Generation Workforce

We now have five generations in the workplace and every generation has unique traits that they bring to work. In order to get along, be productive and avoid conflict we need to respect and understand all the generations we spend time at work with.

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20 Networking Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

Networking. The word seems to strike fear in the hearts of introverts, who need to push themselves and even extroverts who need to control themselves. Some see it as a necessary evil and something to work at everyday, but networking is just the cultivation of productive relationships. We network when we drink a cup of coffee with someone in a local Starbucks. We network when we ask a friend, co-worker or neighbor for information on their recent vacation to Cancun. Networking is simply an exchange of information between two people who have built a relationship. And building good relationships is always a wise move.

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Does your resume properly demonstrate your highest and best use?

Top 5 Tips to Improve Your Resume
Does your resume stand out? Will employers quickly see you are the one to do the job? Your resume has less than 15 seconds to capture an employer’s attention according to our national survey of 600 hiring managers. You must also incorporate effective keywords or the electronic search tools will never put you on the hiring manager’s screen.
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Characteristics of the Ideal Candidate for the Job

A group of 50 HR VP’s and Directors were discussing the characteristics they look for in the “ideal” candidate for their firms.

The group discussion took on the following questions:
• What are the characteristics YOU look for in candidates?
• What are some “red flags” to look out for?
• If you had an ideal “wish list” for candidates, what would it entail?

The group came back with some very insightful answers. Here are the results:

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Top 4 Myths that Lead to Company Hiring Mistakes

Myth #1: Recruitment can be delegated

Q. Why would someone want to work for your company?
• Initial screening interviews can be done by HR and Executive Recruiters.
• Nothing is more important in your organization than hiring top talent!
• Great Leaders and Managers must be able to Hire Great People!
• 10,000 people in this country celebrate 65th birthday everyday!
• As baby boomers retire there will be a large vacuum create manpower shortages of 5-6 million unfilled jobs – 3 times worse that pre Y2K!
• The hiring landscape is about to become very competitive!
• Recruiting is marketing – NOT selling!

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Special Reports: Dramatically More Effective Than Resumes

Jack Chapman, author of Negotiating Your Salary: How To Make $1000 a Minute, developed the concept of the Special Reports. I first became aware of the concept when I attended a workshop Jack gave at the International Career Development Conference in November 2001. Jack said it typically results in 10 times the response rate of the typical resume and cover letter. This is consistent with the experiences of my clients and students.

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Networking Dilemma: Style vs. Substance

Has this happened to you? You spend a lot of time networking, but you don’t see many results from it.

I hear this complaint frequently from many people in career transition who are hoping that their networking activities will produce more job leads and referrals. It used to be that people would complain about unproductive networking in the form of attending mixers or scheduling coffee meetings. But now I often hear them voice the same dissatisfaction with social networking online.

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10 different behavior patterns often exhibited by people under pressure

Every person has his/her own triggers when it comes to dealing with difficult people. Those triggers stem from your background, perspectives, and from your goals in the situation at hand. But there is good news. There are ways to deal with even the most difficult people that can bring out both their best and your best.

The first step, described by Rick Brinkman and Rick Kirschner in their book, “Dealing With People You Can’t Stand” is to get to know your difficult person—to know what needs that person may be trying to fulfill that causes the problematic behavior. Successful leaders listen carefully to figure out the underlying motives.

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How to use LinkedIn’s Groups to Grow Your Network

The Groups feature of LinkedIn has continued to grow in popularity and utility. Groups are a powerful tool for expanding the depth and breadth of your LinkedIn network. Many Groups treat members similar to FIRST DEGREE connections – allowing you to make direct contact with a Group member without a referral or “Inmail.”

I am currently an active member in over 30 Groups (LinkedIn allows you to join up to a maximum of 50 Groups). I highly recommend finding AT LEAST 10 Groups to join – AND becoming ACTIVE in. Activity is key. Simply joining gives you some benefits but being active in Group news and discussions is where the real value and leverage is.

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