Is Self-Employment Right for You?

Sitting on the fence in regards to getting another job versus starting a consulting practice can be a difficult decision to make. The key to this decision is to weigh all the pros and cons and determine your original reason why are thinking about self-employment or working for another company.

There are several questions you need to ask yourself before you proceed with starting a home based consulting business:

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Call on a Hire Power

By: PATRICK WRIGHT – Staff Writer
North County Times – San Diego, CA

September 22, 2006

Mark S. James, CPC said he knows about job hunting because he has been on both sides of the desk. The 51-year-old executive-career coach from Encinitas said he spent 15 years as an executive recruiter, but also spent almost three months looking for work in 1996 after he was laid off by the Bayer Corporation.

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Recruiters Reveal Interview Secrets and Employment Gaffes

From the 9th Edition of the Quarterly Executive Recruiter Index

September 2006 – Talking too much is the most common interview mistake that job candidates make, according to 36 percent of recruiters who completed the ninth edition of the quarterly Executive Recruiter Index. Other common mistakes cited by recruiters include lack of knowledge about the company or position (22 percent), over-inflated ego (16 percent) and appearing overly confident (9 percent).

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Top Networking Meeting Questions

The following questions can be used to start and maintain a conversation with a person you are meeting for the first time.

Q. What attracted you to the [insert] industry?

Q. How did you get your start in the [insert] industry?

Q. What do you enjoy most about your role with [insert] company?

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16 Tips on Sending Job Search Email

As a recruiter and a career coach, I receive hundreds of emails with attached resumes from executives every week. Not a day goes by when someone sends me an email with several errors, omissions and glaring mistakes. Here are 16 tips to consider when corresponding with people in your network and the hiring authority managers in the companies you have targeted.

1. Use a concise and informative subject line. It helps people prioritize their mail. Example: Introduction: Your Name or Following up to our 2/4 networking meeting

2. Make sure your email and your PC’s email software have the right date and time.

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How to Handle the Phone Interview

When you are being screened or interviewed over the phone, your communication skills and voice must carry the day. It is critical for you to sound confident, professional and relaxed. Avoid coming across as nervous, rambling or uptight.


Avoid being caught off guard by having the following items next to your phone in anticipation of the call:

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Business Card Basics

Should a job seekers have their own personal business cards?

My answer is yes! Yes! YES!!!

Business cards are your most versatile marketing tool! Let’s assume that you can get some cards for $50. Actually, you can get 250 business cards for FREE from They provide many different templates and customizations features. Try to make your cards make your cards look “business like”. No bizarre colors. Create a separate email name specifically for your job search. i.e. White cards are fine. No strange fonts like ComicMS. Don’t do them yourself on the cheap. People will know the quality difference. Include your name, category/expertise/title, address, cell phone, home phone, and email.

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Job Search For Executives Over 50

Exchange from the ExecuNet Online Forum

I just read an article in the local paper about job search for execs over 50 and it said to eliminate everything on your resume that suggests your age ie no jobs listed beyond 15-20 years ago, don’t list companies that went out of business some time ago, no dates for when college attended, military service, include working out or running as hobbies if you do them, write young, speak young and do your best to look young.

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Don’t be a nobody that nobody sent!

How to turn networking introductions into meetings. The following exchange took place in the ExecuNet Forum, where members can pose “Ask the Expert” questions and get them answered.

Q: I’m doing pretty well at: identifying existing opportunities, using my network to find the hiring manager, getting hiring manager contact info (phone, email) often getting email intro to hiring manager. What I’m having problems with is turning this into a meeting. I phone/fax/email, different times, different days, balance between aggressive and obnoxious, etc. But still, so few actual meetings. Any help/ideas on turning intros into meetings?

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How to Get Noticed by Recruiters

The Internet has been a mixed blessing for executive recruiters. While it allows them to gather resumes quickly and electronically from all over the world, it has also left them inundated with resumes with every job they post.

As a potentially qualified candidate for a recruiter’s search assignment, how do you get noticed among the thousands of resumes in a recruiter’s inbox? What can you do to differentiate your resume and help the recruiter jumpstart your career? Here are ten tactics to improve your chances of getting the kind of attention you want. Most importantly, you must first understand the role of recruiter. Recruiters don’t find jobs for people — they find people for companies! It’s an important distinction to know, if you want to be noticed and even placed by a recruiter.

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