Job Search Tips for the Holiday Season

The holiday season often brings us in contact with people we don’t see very much during the year; former work colleagues, neighbors, relatives, and old friends. These people can all be very influential members of your network, and once you’ve reconnected over a holiday get-together or phone call, you can naturally follow up to ask for more specific assistance. Use seasonal activities to stimulate network contacts.

Remember – The jobs in Q1 will get filled by the pro-active job seekers in Q4!

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Top 7 Ways to Say “Thank You”

Never underestimate the power of a “Thank You”. Recently, I thanked someone for helping me get connected to someone I wanted to meet. She then replied to my note of thanks by inviting me as a guest speaker for a group she chairs. I didn’t even know she chaired this group and had never considered speaking there – until now. This upcoming speaking opportunity would never have occurred if I hadn’t taken a moment to say thanks. It started me thinking about how often saying thank you turns into new relationships and new business.

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One day, the phone just stopped ringing?

At first, you may not have noticed it. You were too busy applying to online job postings like all unsuspecting job seekers do. But then the one job opportunity you had gets filled with another candidate. Now you have no other job leads and your opportunity pipeline is now empty. Suddenly you realized that it had been quite some time since any new opportunities were referred to you. Does this sound familiar?

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The LinkedIn Advantage

I spend a great deal of my time networking with the executives that are in transition and those that do the hiring. I started using LinkedIn slowly in 2003. Back then it seemed less than useful as a networking tool. Over the years, as more and more people have joined, and LinkedIn itself has evolved, it has become a phenomenal resource for job seekers and recruiters alike.

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The Real Cost of Being Unemployed

If you are unemployed, it is critical for you to understand how much salary you are actually losing by being unemployed.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor (Bureau of Labor Statistics), the average time it takes to land a job is 9 weeks in normal hiring conditions!

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Impending Crisis: Too Many Jobs, Too Few People (Translation = Keep the Faith)

Beginning in 2012, the Baby Boomers (born 1946 to 1964), 76.4 million strong, are approaching their 65th birthdays. As their saving-minded parents, pass away, they will inherit billions of dollars.

In fact, according to a report from the McKinsey Global Institute, maturing Boomers will be the most affluent demographic segment in recorded history. McKinsey believes their money will represent 40 percent of all of the transactions in the United States in the next decade. Imagine the political clout they will have!

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Culling of the Headhunters

You think you have it bad as a job seeker? Executive recruiters are really having a bad year to the point of closing their doors!

However, I pose this question to your brains. “Why do good companies need recruiters in this market?” Because the average tenure for executives is now 18-36 months. Message to company executives: The pendulum swings both ways….Do you want recruiter’s finding that person for you, or from you?

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Get Your Job Search Edge!

For those of you looking for the next opportunity, following are a few questions, thoughts and tips to get your edge:

Get clear on what you are looking for and what energizes you.

Discover your “highest and best” use for companies alike.

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Surviving a Downturn as a Consultant

Many executives in career transition are consulting as independent contractors during the interim of their job search campaign. Here are thoughts on surviving and thriving through a downturn as a consultant.

It is very important that you strengthen your offering, positioning and foundation.

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Working a Room in Under 60 Minutes

By Bruce Allen – Marketing Catalyst Blog

I attend more than 150 business events every year. That’s a lot of crackers, cucumbers, cheese, cheap wine and name badge spotting. It takes its toll, and I’m not always able of handle a full two-four hour production. During heavy event seasons I’ve also had to cover two or more events in one evening. And, sometimes work or life commitments dictate how quickly I need to leave. Whatever the reason I’ve learned a few things about maximizing my time at an event without staying for the duration.

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