Current U.S. Job Trends

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Current U.S. Job/Career Trends

Trend #1: Senior executive talent is still in demand, albeit with more scrutiny and selectivity than ever before.

Trend #2: Shortages in “qualified” candidates still remains, although the pool to select from has grown very large and competitive. Well-networked candidates are the ones getting hired!

Trend #3: Innovation is still king, especially as companies rethink how they can compete on a different landscape.

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10 Truths About Layoffs

1. There are worse things than being laid off — like staying in a bad job for “security.”

2. In fact, losing your job may be the best career move you’ll ever make.

3. But don’t be surprised if you are unemployed longer than you expected at first.

4. Start your job search right away, but don’t network too soon. Update your resume and create a job search strategy first.

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Create your own “Career” Board of Advisers

Here is an answer to a BIG question on how to approach people when you need to grow a business and/or conduct a job search campaign by getting connected to target companies, prospect clients and new customers. This advice will apply to everyone you know and meet as you expand your network to create a strong level of success for your new consulting opportunity and future job search activity.

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