Networking Quiz

Here is a great way to get a jump on all the networking contacts you never knew you had. It puts things in proper perspective and makes you think about your daily challenges and the activity you need to have to land your next job.

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The Difference Between Mission and Vision

Everyone tries to “wordsmith” these two words to impress everyone else when in reality it is quite simple. The vision is to SEE, the mission is to DO. Then the Goals are written to state what is to be ACCOMPLISHED, the objectives are written as micro steps to show in a MAP form how the goal(s) will be accomplished and the action plans are specific steps showing how each objective will hold everyone ACCOUNTABLE in terms of dates, times, budgets, risk managements, personnel, etc.

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F.E.A.R. = False Expectations Appearing Real

One of the most persistent barriers to success for job seekers is fear of rejection. You may not realize that you are avoiding networking events, not connecting with people in your database and continue to constantly hang around your computer looking at internet job postings because you may be afraid of being told No!

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Alternative Employment Options: Interim Management vs. Consulting

During the latest economic business downturn, many companies are holding their collective breaths waiting for the mid-term elections, to see which way congress will swing? The private sector has not been adding new employees unless absolutely necessary. As of late, one of the fastest growing business sectors is Interim Management positions. Companies have discovered that contracting with a proven expert is a very popular choice. Without any long-term commitment, a client company can employ the services of a highly qualified (sometimes even over-qualified) manager to help through a difficult process.

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The New Networking Paradigm

It’s NOT what you know or who you know anymore….
The new paradigm is:
It’s who KNOWS you and WHAT they are saying about you!

Case and point – If people are not talking about you —- then you are not creating ENOUGH new relationships and making enough impressions with potential advocates who can refer you to other people you want to meet!

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The Origin of Job Interviews

It amazes me that anyone would go into an interview without knowing all about the company and it’s industry….but more importantly, they have no idea on how to answer key interview questions.

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How to Network on LinkedIn

We all know that LinkedIn rules the planet. Business professionals who avoid this social networking platform render themselves conspicuous by their absence.

But just like any other product, LinkedIn is only beneficial if you know how to use it. Virtuous as it may be, just how much can it improve your personal development opportunities and how do you use it to network?

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