Get your Career in Gear for the New Year!

These Top 8 steps will significantly increase your chances of landing the right job in the new year:

1) Create your professional objective.

The first step in the job-search process is to determine your ideal position. Being able to concisely define and articulate your desired job description makes it easier to plan and prioritize your search. Even more important, it also helps others understand how they can help you. Essentially you must describing your ideal job and be as specific as possible!

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New Job Landings are Abundant!

In over 25 years as an Executive Career Transition Coach and Executive Search Recruiter, I have never seen hiring as robust and abundant as it is right now for the senior business leader across the world. Yes, there are exceptions but generally hiring and landing is faster. Leaders and those who aspire to be business leaders are securing some jobs that may have been out of reach before. Are you ambitious, seeking new challenges? If so, now is the time to launch an aggressive job search. You won’t be disappointed!

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The Difference Between Consulting vs. Interim Management?

In the modern, fast-paced business environment, many companies find themselves having to change at an alarming rate. Whether it’s a special project, company re-structuring, a factory re-location, or just the long-term absence of a key member of by the management, these problems can overwhelm an enterprise with limited resources. The answer, often, is Interim Management. Without any long-term commitment, a client company can employ the services of a highly qualified (sometimes even over qualified!) manager to help through a difficult process. The client can be assured of strict management and cost control over a highly skilled individual, a luxury they may not wish to fund permanently. When the person goes, so does the cost. Assignments can be for half a day, half a year, or even longer.

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The 5 Questions You Need to Ask BEFORE the end of Your Next Job Interview

These are NOT the MOST important questions for you to ask during every job interview and in every interaction with an employer, but they are essential to your success in your job search. Gather the information you need about each employer’s hiring process so you can plan your activities, gauge your chances at landing the job, and understand how things are progressing (or not). Don’t assume all employers use the hiring same process — they definitely don’t! And, while some employers will tell you about their process, many will forget or just not keep you informed.

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How Great Leaders Inspire Action

Every company knows WHAT they do, some companies know HOW they do what they do, but few know WHY their organization exists. Certainly there have been times when we all focus on HOW or WHAT because customers take us there or you allow yourselves to be stuck there. Simon Sinek helps you step back and realize what motivates us and what is behind the way we think, how we feel and what makes us respond.

IMHO, this is best 18 minutes you could spend with your leadership team, organization and/or yourself. Invest in yourself so you can invest in others! How are we communicating and what are the conversations we are having? Are we communicating the “what” or the “why”? Are we inspiring leaders?

The Secret Formula for Networking Success

Over the years, I have discovered that marketing is powered by two things: Know-how and a Nurtured Network of Contacts.
That’s it…..That’s the secret!

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Try Rebooting Yourself During Your Job Search: Control Alt Delete

You know those times when we feel stuck? When it feels like no matter how hard we push, nothing seems to go quite right, or at least not how we wanted.  When life seems to lock up at the wrong time.  And it’s all unplanned.  What do we do when our computers or devices lock up, get overloaded, stuck?  The first method of trouble shooting:  Hit Control, Alt, Delete.  Somehow, it actually works.  And I thought about restarting in life.

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