Should Growing Companies Be Concerned About the Coming Labor Shortage?

As the baby boomers continue to retire in a mass exodus from the workforce, a shortage of 20 million workers means it is imperative now for manufacturers to reach far beyond their traditional recruiting efforts if they want to survive.

The Difference Between Consulting vs. Interim Management?

In the modern, fast-paced business environment, many companies find themselves having to change at an alarming rate. Whether it’s a special project, company re-structuring, a factory re-location, or just the long-term absence of a key member of by the management, these problems can overwhelm an enterprise with limited resources. The answer, often, is Interim Management. Without any long-term commitment, a client company can employ the services of a highly qualified (sometimes even over qualified!) manager to help through a difficult process. The client can be assured of strict management and cost control over a highly skilled individual, a luxury they may not wish to fund permanently. When the person goes, so does the cost. Assignments can be for half a day, half a year, or even longer.

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HCS Book Recommendation: The Fido Factor

It’s probably safe to say most people love dogs. I recently received a new leadership book by one of my very good friends in Cincinnati – The Fido Factor by Krissi and Dan Barr of Barr Corporate Success. Legendary executive coach Marshall Goldsmith called it “A must-read for anyone who is or wants to be a leader.” I’m a big fan of Marshall’s, so I gave it a try. The Fido Factor is fun, relatable, and packed with motivation and techniques for any leader to learn from.

The book’s core message is that dogs can motivate us to become more effective leaders through the Fido Factors of Faithful, Inspirational, Determined, and Observant. These core qualities are needed by every leader to succeed, earn trust and respect.

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