4 Quick Steps to Jumpstart and Expand Your Network

  1. Start with targeting, research and defining your personal brand.

Before reaching out to people, you need to build a solid foundation that includes knowing who you are targeting and researching what makes you a good-fit to help them meet their current pressing needs. Develop a solid understanding of your personal brand, so you can differentiate the unique value you offer, over your competitors.

You must be prepared to speak intelligently about yourself, your specific goals, who you want to work for, and your value to these companies you are targeting.

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The Secret Formula for Networking Success

Over the years, I have discovered that marketing is powered by two things: Know-how and a Nurtured Network of Contacts.
That’s it…..That’s the secret!

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Five Networking Tips for the Holiday Season

The holiday season often brings us in contact with people we don’t see very much during the year, such as former work colleagues, neighbors, relatives, and old friends. These people can all be very influential members of your network. Holiday networking opportunities can allow you to reconnect so you can naturally follow up at the start of the new year to ask for more specific assistance. Discover how to make them influential in your job search with these holiday networking tips.

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The Golden Rule of Networking

The Golden Rule of Networking is simply this…

People will do business with people they
know, like, and trust.

That’s it! That is what it’s all about. When job searching, your main goal is to develop new relationships on a daily basis. But don’t forget to nurture those new relationships!

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