In today’s market, job security is the ability to secure a job.

At Hire Consulting Services, we specialize in one-to-one coaching for executives in career transition or planning to change jobs. We partner with corporations and individuals to design a plan of action, create a campaign strategy and a make decisions to reach job search goals both personally and professionally. Our primary goal is to provide custom support and process to conduct a professional job search campaign strategy that enhances your achievements and career growth management.

HCS coaching is based on a unique 4-Phase Job Search Campaign Strategy™️, which has been used with great success to guide hundreds of job seekers into their career of choice. Most of the coaching is done via telephone and email, with a few meetings in-person or over Skype. The regular, consistent and ongoing contact through email provides solid support as you prepare, negotiate, and accomplish other tasks throughout the job search process.

Coaching Services Include

  • Pre-scheduled weekly 1-hour telephone or face-to-face office meeting sessions.
  • 24 hour Email response on an ongoing basis
  • Just in time 90-minute return phone call response time – Monday-Friday.
  • Safe and confidential coach and client relationship.
  • Access to extensive resources, articles and content to help with professional and personal development.
  • Practical tools including: strategies, feedback, solutions, planning, resources, and mock interview training.



Why Hire a Career Coach?

The best way to learn something is to try it. You can read all the books you like about job search, but they’re all theoretical until you try it. There’s a reason schools have labs and field trips.  Hire a career coach to help implement a proper search strategy and keep you focused and accountable to what you are learning!

What is Career Transition Coaching?

Middle to senior level executive job search is a difficult challenge. Career Coaching is an effective resource which helps you learn how to find what you want and shows you where to start. One-on-one coaching develops your ability to live the kind of life that is important to you by achieving specific career objectives and preparing you for future success. Our individual coaching keeps you focused to move you through the career transition process quickly and efficiently. Hiring a career coach will pay great dividends in the success of your immediate job search campaign and long-term career path.

How Can a Career Transition Coach Help You?

Being able to articulate your message, goals, value, strengths in a clear concise manner is very important during a leadership and executive level transition. The best career coaches will have expertise in guiding you through this process to ensure the message “sticks” with those you network or interview with during your transition. Without a career coach you may never know where you are missing the mark? A career transition coach can help you develop a message that inspires  other people to help you more effectively. Professional networking is an essential skill when executing a successful job search campaign.

A Career Transition Coach can help you if: 

–Networking doesn’t come naturally to you or if you don’t know how to add value to others and make connections, then you could learn the secrets of professional networking from a career coach.

–You feel overly confident in your ability and you believe that every company should hire you, then you could benefit from a coach.

–You’ve been demoralized from an unexpected downsizing, you would gain value from a coach

–You’ve not been in career transition before, a coach can help you develop and align your strategy towards your new career goals.

–You are uncomfortable with interviewing and lack salary negotiation skills you will extend the time it will take to land – this is where a career coach can really make a difference.

Keep in mind, there is plenty of tough competition out there, and many other executives are using career coaches and executive coaches for a competitive advantage. It may be worth considering a coach to help level the playing field. Remember, many of the best leaders in business have coaches!

When you choose HCS Career Transition Coaching you Gain Access to:
  • A customized career transition coaching experience based on a professional assessment process.
  • A partnered working relationship with a seasoned career management coach who sees you for your potential and what you can achieve.
  • Coaching based on 8,000 conversations over 20+ years with more than 400 business executives.
  • Trusted guidance on how to navigate the progress and challenges of planning and executing a professional job search campaign.
  • Mutually agreed upon accountability measures and metrics of job search strategy performance and results.
  • Expanding the scope and depth of networking relationships and follow up with decision makers, connectors, and hiring authorities.
  • My career management coaching expertise and my book to quickly and efficiently land the right job in the right company.


I sort-of knew what needed to be done, but was not applying the skills. After hearing Mark talk about it, it helped my understanding of the necessary steps and the right way to start them!” He helped me stay focused and held me accountable to my campaign strategy.

Tim M.

I learned more about my job search in working with you, than I have the previous 4 months. I feel you have given me a new boost to my job search, and all of your sessions helped with what I was missing. You made everything very easy to understand, and I have begun to implement them (marketing plan, career options, and increased networking).

Dave J.

I was very impressed with the amount of information shared as well as its quality and relevance. Mark has a very thorough and current knowledge of the national job market. As a result of the excellent preparation and coaching I received, I felt very comfortable and confident during the interviewing process. When Mark says, “call me anytime”, he means it, and he really wants to hear from you.

Chris B.

I was impressed with Mark’s knowledge, passion and professionalism. Within 1 month of meeting Mark I was in the hunt for several opportunities. Mark also helped me to negotiate a final offer where I than accepted a great position as Regional Manager with a market leading medical device company. Mark took the fear out of the process and helped me to land well. I would strongly recommend Mark, his services and his company to anyone in a career transition.

Randy P.

My time with Mark helped in several ways. One, it helped to refine my skills and add a little polish to my interviewing. Two, it increased my confidence in interviews knowing that I had been coached and “knew the right answers” so to speak. Three, it was helpful to have Mark available as part coach, part cheerleader before some interviews I had. My time with Mark was a great investment in myself

Sue S.

Mark, your professional expertise in both executive recruiting and corporate management provided a valuable perspective throughout my job search. I’m certain the length of my search was shortened considerably because of your help. The Job Search Marketing Plan helped me identify my areas of expertise, confirm the value I could bring to a company, and communicate that value to potential employers. Your guidance during our weekly meetings, and prompt response to my phone calls and email messages provided me with a tremendous sense of confidence and the knowledge I was doing everything right.

Pam L.