Six Job Search Mindsets in a Down Economy!

"Six Job Search Mindsets in a Down Economy" by Mark James CPC | HIRECONSULTING.COM

There has been great damage wrought on the job market in the wake of COVID-19. We have already witnessed millions of lost jobs. Many companies and industries may suffer badly for months to come. You’d be doing yourself a disservice to presume that your job and company are safe and sound. Here are six job search mindsets in a down economy that will protect the long-term viability of your career.

1. Networking is not a once and done task.

People who are serious about managing their careers understand how important it is to have a pool of people to interact and share ideas with. This doesn’t just happen overnight. Pick up some of the habits of “power networkers:”

  • Create your own personal Top 12 Career Board of Advisers
  • Build and nurture connections for the future
  • Embrace a pay-it-forward mindset
  • Show interest in what others are doing and saying

2. There are jobs out there you don’t even know about.

FACT: 85% of jobs are NOT posted on the internet. Get to know the key roles in companies that are difficult to fill and why? Create your own job description with key deliverables that you can contribute immediately.  Remember, it’s about the company – Not You!

3. Revamp your resume and Linkedin profile to include remote-friendly skills.

The top skills for remote work (in addition to your ability to do the job) are:

  • Communication skills — written and verbal.
  • Comfort with technology, familiarity with remote collaboration programs, and basic troubleshooting skills.
  • Self-motivation and ability to work independently.
  • A strong work ethic and sense of responsibility.
  • The ability to stay focused and stay on task.

4. Don’t always jump at the first offer.

Never settle for less. Don’t go after over-qualified jobs you use to do 10 years ago. Have a clear vision in your mind of the job you want, pursue it, and stick to your plan and don’t give up.


5. Negotiate beyond salary.

Research salaries in your industry, discipline and function so you have an understanding of how much you can reasonably negotiate. Also, think about the benefits that are important to you—and ask for them.

 6. Don’t be afraid to spread your wings — go solo!

In today’s unpredictable economy, “Plan B is the New Plan A!”  Mark James

Widen your radius. Certain areas may offer more opportunities in your field—plus the chance to make it on your own. Consider Consulting, Interim Management and Fractional CxO Gigs. Think about how to turn what you love into a job that you’ll love even more.

“In Today’s Economy, Job Security is the Ability to Secure a Job.” These six job search mindsets in a down economy will help you do just that.

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Mark James, CPC is the President of Hire Consulting Services, established in 1999. He is a Certified Personnel Consultant and has been providing executive career transition coaching and executive recruiting services for over 25 years. Mark is also a Certified Partner with Predictive Index Behavior Assessments focused on talent selection and leadership development.

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