Five Networking Tips for the Holiday Season

The holiday season often brings us in contact with people we don’t see very much during the year, such as former work colleagues, neighbors, relatives, and old friends. These people can all be very influential members of your network. Holiday networking opportunities can allow you to reconnect so you can naturally follow up at the start of the new year to ask for more specific assistance. Discover how to make them influential in your job search with these holiday networking tips.

Five Tips for Holiday Networking

1. Spend as much time talking with those you don’t already know.

At holiday parties don’t just hang around friends and family. If you’re looking for your next job opportunity, these other guests will bring outside information about many different workplaces and industries.

2. Also talk to those who recently landed new jobs.

If you come across people who have found a new job in the last year or so, remember that they are VERY inclined to be helpful to other job seekers!

3. Take advantage of corporate “down time” to meet with less-stressed executives.

In the last two weeks of December there is a lull before projects start fresh in the new year. This is the time to reconnect with people in your network and ask for an in-person meeting.

4. Remember to ask networking contacts for advice, suggestions, tips, referrals, and ideas – NOT jobs.

Be clear about your talents, strengths and interests. Be appreciative, follow up on all ideas, and periodically provide a status report to your contacts. Keep them in the loop so they remain an active part of your network.

5. Above all, be prepared to BRIEFLY inform your contacts.

Different from other times during the year, holiday networking should be brief. Share what you’ve been up to and briefly where you’re at in your job search… then step back. “I don’t want to monopolize your time! How about if I give you a call in a few days to see what suggestions you might be able to give me.” When you do call, you won’t feel awkward reintroducing yourself to people you haven’t been close with recently.

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