Keys to the C Suite

Unlock the Doors to Executive Career Path Success
by Mark James, CPC

In this informative best-selling career handbook, Keys to the C Suite, Mark James shares his 25+ years of seasoned career management expertise in the area of career transition and advancement, in addition to providing tips on knowing yourself, defining what you want from a job, developing a solid interview mindset, and effective salary negotiation to help you unlock the doors to executive career path success.

If you’re stuck in a dead-end job and are afraid to transition into something bigger and better, you do not know what your next move should be, or you are just terrified going on job interviews, this book will help you unlock those doors of uncertainty, fear, and confusion!

You are just one key away from success. Mark James, CPC is ready, willing, and able to help you navigate and execute your executive career path success with Keys to the C Suite!

© 2020 Mark Stephen James

“Sound advice for executives who are serious about their career.”


Mark James, CPC

Mark S. James, CPC is the Founder and President of Hire Consulting Services (HCS). He founded HCS in 1999, and has been providing executive recruiting and career transition coaching services for over 25 years. Mark is a Certified Personnel Consultant, awarded to him in 1998 by NAPS, the National Association of Personnel Services.

Mark focuses on providing a proven and successful strategy and a structured process to fully enable his clients to conduct a professional job search campaign in significantly less time it would take without a professional career coach. HCS clients gain a new perspective of their marketing value coupled with learning how to execute a strategic job search marketing plan, expert mock interview training, salary negotiation and closing the deal for their new role in their next job.

HCS is a highly customized executive career transition coaching firm for executive level professionals. We excel in coaching business professionals and executives who are currently in career transition or planning to make a career change. The HCS career coaching process is very collaborative. We work as partners to define your skills and competencies and develop a strategy to conduct a professional job search campaign. Our common goal is to find the right company that values your talents. Every meeting, discussion and phone call is made with the singular purpose of helping you discover the keys and utilize the tools to help you secure a more fulfilled and productive career path.

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“Reading this book could change your life because it will give you the tools you need to do your very best in any job interview setting regardless of whether it may be for an executive position or a job in the mail room. Even if you are not looking for a job, the tips and advice presented in “Keys to the C Suite” will put you in a position to better help your child or a friend who may be in the job market trying to jump start their career or move up the ladder. Simply put, I believe this book is the best road map to career success that I have ever read. This book gives you all the answers and strategy you need to hit any job interview out of the park. Who hasn’t been on a job interview? Who hasn’t been nervous on a job interview – especially one where you REALLY wanted the job? This book will give you the confidence you need to make yourself shine in any job interview. In my life I have been on both sides of the desk many times – both interviewer and interviewee. I find this book to be valuable regardless of which side of the desk you’re sitting on. Highly recommended.”


“Mark James of Hire Consulting has captured not only the essence of career transition, but has created an excellent road map for career advancement. Mr. James has presented detailed definitions of all the elements necessary to accomplish this growth, from becoming clear regarding what you want, how to identify your target market, how to negotiate an appropriate salary, through your assimilation in your new position. I recommend Keys To The C Suite wholeheartedly to anyone who desires to advance their career.”

Fred Y.

“I really recommend reading this book. I am an executive who suddenly finds himself in the incredibly intimidating world of job hunting after many years job security, and so I clearly have a lot of trepidation in the process. This book was the perfect way to start addressing my concerns, thoughts and questions head on. Keys to the C Suite is not only a sit-and-read type of book, that enlightens and enriches the process, but also serves as a workbook with assignments that force you to face difficult areas about yourself that will be necessary to unravel for a successful transitioning process. It provides a clear, focused approach with which to confidently move on to that executive job that you know you are qualified for and because of these skills learned, hiring managers will now know as well. Mark James’ many years of experience and knowledge clearly comes through in a very encouraging way. Thank you, Mark.”


“I’ve read a dozen books on job search, and this one helped the most! The author gives practical and tactical steps and strategies for getting results. The book gives concise and precise advice. My own job search has benefited greatly from reading this book.”

Michael P.

“Career planning and negotiations are comprised of some of the most valuable moves you’ll make in your life. Don’t take a gamble going it alone. I recommend this book to everyone calling my office for help with their transition. I put this title up there with Rites of Passage, and Knock ‘Em Dead. All must-reads for top executives on the move.”

Mark F.

“As a transitioning Marine Corps Officer with over 23 years of leading Marines in combat, this book has been invaluable. I loved every moment of being a leader in the Marine Corps, but a unique family situation dictated my untimely departure. Having been caught a bit off guard with my lack of prior transition planning, and subsequently trying to get caught up with my corporate transition plans, I have since taken quite a few transition seminars and read plenty of business coaching books. Of the dozens of transition experts I have met, countless seminars and workshops I have attended, and stacks of books read – Mark James is quite simply one of the best executive coaches out there. His no-nonsense perspective cuts to the heart of executive placement through self-discovery, examination of best practices, and clarity of action. Thank you Mark for a fantastic book…you have certainly helped me much more effectively focus my executive search and put me on the right path to my next chapter!”

Jared S.

“Mark James distills his wisdom and expertise into what at first glance looks to be a thin volume, but reveals itself to be a gem of a book stuffed with ‘all meat, no filler.’ Mark’s enthusiasm for his profession as a Career Management & Transition Coach shines through in his easy-to-read style, and it’s clear that he lives his life and career by his own strategies. While many authors advise to ‘Work Smarter, Not Harder’ and leave it at that, Mark dedicates an entire chapter to listing out concrete and actionable ways to do so. His included surveys and worksheets allow the reader to ‘know thyself’ in the context of their career progression in a very simple, yet powerful manner. Well worth the read, even better when you take the time to do the exercises and apply all the tips and approaches that are presented.”

Tom T.



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