NCAA Basketball Tourney vs. U.S. Employers!

Forget the recession, the subprime mortgage market crisis, or Bear Stearns’ recent stock plunge – Who is really responsible for our nation’s current economic distress. YOU ARE, the American worker, according to so-called experts!!!!

Last week, the consulting firm Challenger, Gray, and Christmas released their annual report on the NCAA tournament’s impact on the American workplace, finding that 2008’s version of March Madness should end up costing U.S. employers more than $1.7 billion.Another survey, done by a Florida company, Spherion Inc., noted that nearly half of all U.S. workers will participate in office pools, and nearly one-quarter will watch or follow the tourney on their computers at work. 10% of all U.S. workers, according to Spherion, have called in sick so they could watch afternoon college basketball during the first round of the NCAA tournament.

I wonder how many company executives watch the games too? For that matter, what ever happened to the phrase: “Work to Live NOT Live to Work”? Work – Life Balance seems to be the hot topic around the water-cooler and networking events!

Priorities are changing in the workplace…..more people want (and deserve) more freedom to manage their time on the job. We don’t need to be monitored every minute like a todler taking his or her first steps!

Hey Mr. or Mrs. Micro-Manager take heed: “If you allow good people to do good things, they usually will!”

And for all those unsatisfied employees; “If you don’t like your job, then change it! You are a not a tree!”

So…go ENJOY the games and then get back to work making a difference in your career!

Coach Mark James
Hire Consulting Services

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