The Golden Rule of Networking

The Golden Rule of Networking is simply this…

People will do business with people they
know, like, and trust.

That’s it! That is what it’s all about. When job searching, your main goal is to develop new relationships on a daily basis. But don’t forget to nurture those new relationships!

What Networking Isn’t…

Notice, the Golden Rule of Networking is NOT “Find your new connection on LinkedIn and ask them to ‘Connect’.” Sure you want to connect with your new connection on LinkedIn, but a connection is all they are at this point. To truly develop a networking relationship, you need to nurture it so you both parties know, like, and trust each other as professionals.

If you’re doing it right, your new relationships will want to help you find new business through introductions to new people you don’t know… yet. They want to be a part of your network and because they know, like, and trust you, they believe that “if” they ever need help from you, they can count on you to return the favor.  

Warning! Don’t ever be on the take without giving back. That is a sure way to break the chain and end the networking relationship.

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