The New Networking Paradigm

It’s NOT what you know or who you know anymore….
The new paradigm is:
It’s who KNOWS you and WHAT they are saying about you!

Case and point – If people are not talking about you —- then you are not creating ENOUGH new relationships and making enough impressions with potential advocates who can refer you to other people you want to meet!
Networking requires A LOT of work and it needs to be nurtured and kept alive and growing. As Harvey Mackay says – Networking is NOT sending Christmas cards once a year!

All things being equal, people will do business with and refer business to those people they know, like and trust. That’s it! That is what it’s all about, and our goal is to develop new relationships with people on an everyday basis and develop those relationships to a point that those people feel so good about us, they know us. They like us. They trust us. They want to see us succeed.

But don’t ever forget it’s a 2 way street…..go out of your way to help other people FIRST and good things usually come your way.

I use a 3 tier ranking system within my network:
3.) Contacts who are simply willing to share ideas and leads, but don’t generally get involved beyond that.
2.) Contacts who make electronic or telephone introductions, and make an effort to see that the connection happens.
1.) Contacts who personally set up a meeting and often attend the introductory meeting. These folks are also the most likely to help others first in the process as well.

Bottom line? Be a “1” and get involved. It’s not only very rewarding, but you will learn a lot in the process!

Be a Giver — not a taker!

Good Hunting!

Mark James
Hire Consulting Services
San Diego, CA

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