Preparation + Opportunity = LUCK*

LUCK* = Laboring Under Correct Knowledge
Here is a great exercise to get your year off on the right path.

Set aside a couple hours to relax and mentally walk forward through the past year. Write down on a separate sheet of paper everything that occurred as a significant event or personal shift from your prior life. I call this my “Acknowledgements & Accomplishments” list. Allow yourself to err on the side of writing down too much (my 2012 list had 24 items) and give specific, measurable results when applicable. Spend an hour or more on this portion of the process alone, as it can be incredibly uplifting and validating. Then, complete the following:

• Accomplishments from 2012 that pleased you the most:
• What elements did you have in place so that you could accomplish these things?
• Obstacles/fears you overcame/challenges you faced in 2012:
• What motivated you to break through them?
• Who celebrated with you?
• Business or Career situations that changed/improved in 2012:
• Ways that you surprised yourself or others in 2012 and who knew?
• Mistakes that you made in 2012 that you do NOT want to repeat:
• Who will hold you accountable?
• What was disappointing to you in 2012?
• What can you do to avoid repeating similar disappointments?
• Who knew the depth of your disappointment?
• Who or What stretched you the most in 2012:
• Who or What brought you the most delight/laughter/love in 2012:
• For what, are you most truly thankful?
• What are your major life and career goals in 2013?
• Who will hold you accountable to your newly established goals this year in 2013?

Want To get Lucky?
These 4 Principles Can Create Good Fortune in your Life and Career:

1. Maximize Chance Opportunities – Lucky people are skilled at creating, noticing and acting upon chance opportunities. They do this is various ways, which include building and maintaining a strong network, adopting a relaxed attitude to life and being open to new experiences.

2. Listen to Your Lucky Hunches – Lucky people make effective decisions by listening to the intuition and gut feelings. They also take steps to actively boost their intuitive abilities and clearing their mind of negative thoughts.

3. Expect Good Fortune – Lucky people are certain the future will be bright. Over time, that expectation becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy because it helps lucky people persist in the face of failure and positively shapes their interactions with other people.

4. Turn Bad Luck Into Good – Lucky people employ various psychological techniques to cope with, and even thrive upon, the ill fortune that comes their way. For example, they spontaneously imagine how things could have been worse, they don’t dwell on the ill fortune, and they take control of the situation.

Happy New Year and Good Hunting!
Coach Mark

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