The Real Cost of Being Unemployed in 2011?

There is an old saying;

“Never get stuck in a sinking boat frantically bailing water with no time to row ashore!”

Job search networking is more than just connecting with friends, family and business colleagues. Once you have exhausted all your existing network contacts and nothing has happened – then what?

Let’s say you have already spent 3 months on your search – with nothing to show for it yet? Constantly going back to square one is like hitting a reset button that you should never have to push. Banking your hopes on 1 or 2 opportunities before you decide to hire a career coach will take even more valuable time that you don’t have.

Career-Critical Time Considerations
Trimming just a week or two off your job search can save you a significant amount of money, whether in savings, or in lost income. For those of you who are unemployed, we ask that you keep the following facts in mind. “Time” should not be wasted. If it is, not only will you continue to lose money being unemployed, you run the risk of becoming “underemployed,” which will negatively impact your compensation track.

Here is a Loss of Gross Pay Calculations chart below to see how you may be affected:

Annual Salary – Unemployed Weekly Pay Loss

$70,000 – $1,345
$80,000 – $1,540
$90,000 – $1,730
$100,000 – $1,925
$120,000 – $2,310
$140,000 – $2,690
$160,000 – $3,075
$180,000 – $3,460
$200,000 – $3,845
$250,000 – $4,807
$300,000 – $5,796

Keep Bailing vs. Row Ashore or Hire a Career Coach?
Career Transition Coaching services are 100 times more valuable than just getting a resume done and perfecting your elevator pitch. This career coaching process is all about increasing your knowledge and creating a job search strategy and executing your plan to building job search momentum WITHOUT making time wasting mistakes.

So the question remains – How much compensation are you foregoing each week WITHOUT a career coach?

Learn More: How to Select a Career Coach?

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