Recruiters Reveal Interview Secrets and Employment Gaffes

From the 9th Edition of the Quarterly Executive Recruiter Index

September 2006 – Talking too much is the most common interview mistake that job candidates make, according to 36 percent of recruiters who completed the ninth edition of the quarterly Executive Recruiter Index. Other common mistakes cited by recruiters include lack of knowledge about the company or position (22 percent), over-inflated ego (16 percent) and appearing overly confident (9 percent).Additionally, more than six in ten (62 percent) recruiters agreed that anything more than one week is too long for a candidate to consider a formal job offer, with almost a third of them (29 percent) indicating that the appropriate amount of time is even shorter.

“Executive-level candidates are unquestionably more polished and sophisticated today than ever before, so it is remarkable how many basic interview etiquette mistakes are still made,” said Mark James, President of Hire Consulting Services in San Diego, CA. “Although small, these mistakes can often mean the difference between getting the job and being passed over.”

The survey also examined various regional differences as they relate to job tenure. In both North America and EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa), recruiters agreed that two years is the minimum acceptable amount of time to stay with one employer. In South America and Asia Pacific, however, one year is the minimum amount. The rapid pace of growth and hiring in these emerging regions is likely responsible for this difference.

When asked why executives leave companies after short periods of employment, bad cultural fit emerged as the leading reason. Finally, recruiters worldwide agreed overwhelmingly (87 percent) that executives should disclose that they worked somewhere for a short amount of time, rather than omit the position from their CV/resume.

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