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Not just Finding People – Finding the Best People

Hire Consulting Services brings an entrepreneurial approach to the business of executive search – one that provides growing companies superior results, increased flexibility and better value. Our goal with each client is to build a strong relationship; the more we know about our client the better able we are to find the best candidate.

After all, we are in the people needs business, and we have a strong desire to be involved with the people we serve. We spend time getting to know our clients and their unique needs. From its inception, HCS’s steady and substantial growth has been fueled by repeat clients – each year, 93% of our business is from repeat clients. In fact, we hold long term relationships in the highest regard and are proud to say that we still provide services to our very first client.

Our Search Process

Our Search Process

  • CONDUCT our searches using the principles of the Power Hiring System. Together they provide the foundation for effective hiring to build outstanding teams and companies. The secret to great management is hiring great people!
  • START by working with our clients to develop a "Performance Profile" for each position. We ask, "What does this person need to DO to be successful?"
  • CREATE a wide range candidate sourcing strategy and conduct "Objective Evaluations" with a thorough screening of the top finalists.
  • FOCUS on the candidate's ability to DO the job, not get the job.
  • REMAIN OBJECTIVE by first measuring performance, then personality, because the best predictor of future performance is past performance.
  • PRESENT only the best candidates that can DO the job based on the position "Performance Profile" requirements.
  • ARRANGE AND SCHEDULE the interview process from beginning to end. During the entire hiring process candidates are treated like customers, not subordinates.
  • NEGOTIATE the right offer that will be accepted. We conduct thorough reference checking, education verification, and we provide resignation assistance to bring the search to a positive conclusion.



 Search and Research

We begin with the simple but important understanding that the most qualified individuals may not be actively seeking new positions. With that in mind, we avoid the more traditional search approach of relying on an existing database. Instead, we utilize our world class research department to identify the most suitable candidates in an ever changing marketplace. In this way, we can tailor each individual search to our client’s specific requirements. Equally important, and a key strength according to clients, is our ability to locate the “non-traditional” candidate from another industry whose transferable skills may be a perfect match.

Industry Sectors

We believe in an interactive approach to search – keeping our clients not only informed, but involved. We encourage collaboration with our clients during the search process and we work to establish mutual accessibility, candor and decisiveness.

HCS has conducted hundreds of management position searches the following industry sectors:

  • Financial Services
  • Information Systems
  • Manufacturing
  • Sales and Marketing Management


We have taken a leadership role in the executive search industry with respect to fees. Our fee structure is unique. We believe that fees for executive search should bear some relation to the time expended on each search.  While most of our clients prefer to use our services in a traditional fully-retained search capacity, from time to time clients take advantage of our time-based billing of services that provide clients with more flexible and cost effective search options. This allows clients that retain us to find exceptionally well-qualified candidates at significant cost savings.

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