So You Want To Be A Recruiter?

For most people, recruiting is seldom their first career choice. Many recruiters entered the field in a round-about way or they were down on their luck and lured by the lucrative commissions. Today, the profession is better established, and recruiting is on the radar screen of many young, middle and senior level job seekers. While we’ve all come into the profession at different times and on different roads, the choice to be paid for performance requires a unique and totally committed individual. You will need to possess a real appreciation of the challenge and excitement of bringing skilled candidates together with employers. “WARNING! Closing the intangible sale is easily the most difficult!”

Recruiters must execute a complicated two-way sale involving the candidate and the employer. Success requires excellent sales and relationship building abilities, strong ethics, honesty, good judgment, and business savvy. Recruiters must carefully evaluate the candidate and the position to ensure that the fit makes sense. The uncertainty and tension between the candidate and employer evoke a measure of drama, calling for a sales technique that often resembles diplomacy.

Although the challenge of deal making hooked me on recruiting, what’s made me stay is the long-term independence. The potential for freedom and self direction makes recruiting a haven for entrepreneurial self-starters. Independent recruiting combines small-business values with big-business customers. Both require flexibility and the ability to interact with a wide variety of personalities. Successful recruiters find ways to whether the challenges and enjoy the triumphs.

Unfortunately, along with the rewards comes the potential for failure. Most recruiters find ways to deal with situations in which everyone loses. When the perfect candidate pulls out at the last minute, when a company is forced to close a requisition prior to filling the position: these are situations where no one wins. However, the nature of loose-loose ordeals makes the win-win deals something to definitely savor. As the economic pendulum swings back and forth, clients become candidates and then candidates become clients.

While recruiting continues to evolve, the benefit which initially drew me in, challenge and independence, and the ability to earn uncapped income. The recruiting industry is a fast-moving and perpetually evolving profession. Recruiting will continue to grow and attract intelligent, dynamic people who thrive on challenge.

Good Hunting!
Coach Mark

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