The HCS Strategy for Identified Online Job Postings

For all the perennial die-hard internet job posting junkies out there — The first steps are simple but they take time. Don’t rush to click “Send” your resume into this company yet! Depending on the job posting date, the average search takes 60-90+ days to fill with the right person.

Here is comprehensive list that you can begin using right away:

1. Do not hit “Apply Now”!

2. Research – Research – Research what you can find out about this company: competition” and “future trade shows/conferences/associations” and “EVERYONE” i.e. corporate officers, board members, board advisors, etc. etc.

3. If you are referred by someone to this job lead – call the referring party and meet at Starbucks and play 20 questions with him or her?

4. Check LinkedIn for all current/previous internal company contacts.

5. Check industry/company LinkedIn Groups for any buzz about this company?

6. If company is local or regional; drive by the office and walk in the door ask for an annual report (if publically held) and any product literature.

7. Check the local Chamber of Commerce member status?

8. Subscribe to company financial report.

9. Create a Google Alert on the CEO/President/Owner (The Hiring Authority) and read all times he/she is mentioned, where they speak, what they say, and anytime the company is mentioned online.

10. Call your career coach when you are done collecting data to discuss the “correct” next steps.

Good Hunting!

Coach Mark James
Hire Consulting Services

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