Everything you need to know about The Hidden Job Market

Sorry, but the Hidden Job Market……is not hidden at all!

Hidden Jobs are hidden only from those who have their heads stuck in the internet job listings!
Hidden Jobs are right next door to you, at your neighbor’s house.
Hidden Jobs are at the church you go to.
Hidden Jobs are sitting across the table from you when you are chatting with your friends.
Hidden Jobs are at Starbucks, or on your cell phone AND in your email contacts.
Hidden Jobs are on Yahoo Groups.
Hidden Jobs are contacts in your LinkedIn Groups AND Connections….HELLO?

FACT: 80 to 85 percent of all jobs are never advertised!

So what is this “so called” elusive “Hidden Job Market?”

Hidden Jobs are non-published, non-advertised, little-known collection of newly created roles, openings and opportunities – that only insiders, attorneys, accountants, golfing buddies, neighbors, alumni, consultants, service providers, managing partners, company owners and officers, board members and advisors, and C-suite executives know about right now.

Here are 15 steps to uncover the Hidden Jobs:

1. Internal Referrals – #1 Way Companies Hire People! 42% increase in your chance to land a job!
2. Research and compile a List of 60 Target Companies in 3 Industries
3. Use “Advanced Search” on LinkedIn to uncover hidden contacts
4. Conduct (informal) “Informational Interviews” with people who work at your target companies and former colleagues at your past employers.
5. Give Up the Job Seeker Label – Don’t Play the Victim!
6. Master your Message, Know your Brand and Have a P.L.A.N. = Passion – Lessons – Accomplishments – Needs
7. Network – Be Likeable and Professional and Know Thyself – The people you meet hold the keys to your next job. So, while you’re talking to people, they are definitely asking themselves questions like:
• “Do I dare introduce this person to my important connections?”
• “Will they embarrass me and make me look stupid for having referred them?”
• “Does this person act professional enough for me to refer to my contacts?”
• “Does this person ask intelligent questions?”
• “Do they seem to have done their homework?”
• “Does this person really know what they want?”
• “Do I like this person?”
8. Translate Your Accomplishments into Solutions and Value
9. Be True to Your School – Alumni associations are very career centric!
10. Create Advocates – Be aware of what people are saying about YOU?
11. Know any Good Headhunters? #1 Reason: Confidential searches
12. Trust in The Universal Law of Serendipity
13. Volunteer for one of your Local Church Ministries or non-profit groups
14. Try a little L.U.C.K. = Laboring – Under – Correct – Knowledge
15. Knowledge is Power – Get More Educated – Hire a Career Coach

Hire Consulting Services provides a no cost phone consultation to assess your personal situation and determine if career management coaching is right for you. Contact HCS by phone: 760-230-4301 or email: info@HireConsultant.com and please include the best days and times that you’re available to talk by phone and a send brief description of your situation along with your resume. We’ll get back to you with a good time to schedule the appointment.

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