The LinkedIn Advantage – Plus Top 3 LinkedIn Mistakes

I spend a great deal of my time networking with the executives that are in transition and those that do the hiring. I started using LinkedIn slowly in 2003. Back then it seemed less than useful as a networking tool. Over the years, as more and more people have joined, and LinkedIn itself has evolved, it has become a phenomenal resource for job seekers and recruiters alike.

Looking for a job is never an easy task. During these challenging economic times it can be quite an overwhelming process. It’s been my experience that Internet Job Boards do more harm than good to the people they claim to be helping. Internet job postings can be an addictive curse for job seekers by creating a lot of “false hope”. Simply applying to a job online perpetuates the illusion of being busy and productive in your job search, when it’s really not!

Currently, on average, only 5-10% of new jobs are landed by people whose resume was posted to a job board. The moral of the story: “Clicking and sending your resume and hoping the phone rings can be a huge waste of time and energy. Fact: 8 of 10 people land their new job through networking relationships and getting connected to new people through warm introductions and referrals. Want proof? Just look back in your career and remember how you found most of your jobs!

LinkedIn is by far the best online networking tool for job seekers because it empowers them to touch more people by connecting virtually, which leads to more conversations and “face-to-face” meetings. Having a LinkedIn profile that is “100% completed” will help you improve your visibility to recruiters and human resource professionals. It is one of the best and most modern job search tools around.

Being a member of a “LinkedIn Group” is another great way to stay connected and allows you to be “passively proactive” with other people that have a common goal – landing a new job!

I expect all my career coaching clients to update their LinkedIn profile periodically and suggest that they join the ExecuNet LinkedIn Group, which was created exclusively for the executives that attend the ExecuNet monthly networking meetings that I host and facilitate in Carlsbad and Newport Beach, CA. I always encourage the ExecuNet LinkedIn Group members to post discussions and comments and to share job leads.

TOP 3 LinkedIn Mistakes
Here are the top three mistakes executives make on their LinkedIn profiles include:
1. Forgetting to use the right keywords
2. Leaving out results-oriented information
3. Not taking advantage of the full space provided in their profiles

This type of virtual communication builds relationships and increases positive momentum for everyone in transition and provides new connections that can help them move from where they are to where they want to be!

Mark S. James, CPC
Founder and President
The Career Catalyst Blog (Since 2006)
Hire Consulting Services (Established 1999)

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