Three Steps to Carving out a Career You Love, that Loves You Back.

By Will Marre, Author of the Book: “Save the World and Still be Home for Dinner”

First, do something you are happily willing to become great at. You must love it so much that you’d do it for free with pleasure. You must love it so much that you’re willing to put the effort and practice into becoming and staying great.

Second, target customers who value what you do. Only people who value artistry pay for extraordinary wedding pictures or floral arrangements. Only people who value fitness pay for extraordinary training. In my case, only companies who prize values-based leadership hire me. Don’t waste your time with either customers or employers who don’t value what you value.

Third, tell everyone you know to tell everyone they know that you are dedicated to becoming the best at the career you have chosen to pursue. This is essential. The world doesn’t need or value generic work, so use your gifts to do extraordinary work. People who are willing to invest in their own greatness are a rare find. You’ll be surprised who shows up to help you become great. But they must know that you exist—that you are committed.

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