Tips on Selling (Consulting)

Tips on Selling – Part 1

Once you understand some of the low opinions most sales prospects, customers, clients, hiring managers, or any “buyers” have you’ll be in a better position to make the sale.
Buyers believe their time is more valuable than your time.
Buyers believe that it’s OK not to answer your unsolicited phone call.
Buyers believe that it’s OK to mislead you.
Buyers believe that most sales people are trained to manipulate.
Buyers expect to feel pressured.
Buyers feel that giving in too early is losing the game.
Buyers believe it’s OK to get free consulting or information from you.
Buyers believe that stalling and delaying are right and necessary.

Next time a buyer exhibits these traits do not be surprised.

Tips on Selling – Part 2

Some of buyers may be leading you along or treating you disrespectfully and you may be helping them get away with it! When you stop doing the following things you will start gaining more respect and getting more sales:

Don’t give buyers free consulting services.
Don’t prepare detailed, time bound, and costly proposals without assurance that the proposal will receive serious consideration.
Don’t allow your proposal to travel up and down the company organizational hierarchy.
Don’t tolerate open-ended indecisiveness or you’ll never get a decision.
Don’t let your services, products, affiliates, co-workers or your industry be demeaned. If you don’t stand up for them who will?
Don’t enable buyers to put you in ethical or legal dilemmas.
Don’t allow deadlines and agreements to exceed time limits without addressing the issue. Buyers who waste your time have their own reasons and they must be investigated and dealt with quickly.

Remember, your job is to provide solutions to those who have genuine problems and needs. It’s okay to say “no” to any buyer if your terms are unacceptable or they are unwilling to co-operate.

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