Top 4 Myths that Lead to Company Hiring Mistakes

Myth #1: Recruitment can be delegated

Q. Why would someone want to work for your company?
• Initial screening interviews can be done by HR and Executive Recruiters.
• Nothing is more important in your organization than hiring top talent!
• Great Leaders and Managers must be able to Hire Great People!
• 10,000 people in this country celebrate 65th birthday everyday!
• As baby boomers retire there will be a large vacuum create manpower shortages of 5-6 million unfilled jobs – 3 times worse that pre Y2K!
• The hiring landscape is about to become very competitive!
• Recruiting is marketing – NOT selling!

Myth #2: Internet job advertising works

Q. How have you typically found and hired your best employees?
• The #1 way is to encourage internal employee referrals.
• #2 way to hire the best people is to recruit employees using social media tools like LinkedIn…..Not job posting sites!
• Recruiters are a viable option for key hard-to-find specialists and key level management.
• Bottom line: All managers, owners, leaders, VP’s, Presidents, & CEO’s need to constantly be on the prowl to hire top talent!

Myth #3: Companies always select top talent

“Hire Smart or Manage Tough”
• Tomorrow’s success depends upon choosing the best future leaders today!
• Hiring mistakes happen all the time….Why does this happen?
• Good qualified candidates lack interview skills and unqualified candidates with refined interview skills often get the job because they present well and appear to fit the team!
• Most managers make the mistake of hiring based on personality and fail to evaluate performance.

Myth #4: Assessments are critical to hiring process

“Past Performance is the Best Predictor of Future Performance”
• Good hiring practices should rely on testing and previous job references
• Assessments can evaluate benchmark aptitude and personality match – but will not paint a complete candidate picture.
• Good interviewing skills and background research will reveal more about the “whole person” and increase hiring accuracy better than the 50/50 flip of a coin.
• Develop S.M.A.R.T objectives for the position and organizational role and gear your questions around discovering past comparable accomplishments with candidates.
• Ask all candidates the same behavior performance-oriented questions.
• Talk about real work – Discuss problems and related business issues.
• Listen 4 more times than you talk – the interview is not a causal conversation – it is a fact finding mission – treat every candidate as a valued customer to elicit more comfortable responses. Reprogram yourself to remain objective and wait 30 minutes before making any decision on the candidate and then re-assess your first impressions.

For more information on How to Find, Assess and Hire Top Talent: Click Here

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