Top 7 Ways to Say “Thank You” in 2014

Never underestimate the power of a “Thank You”. Recently, I thanked someone for helping me get connected to someone I wanted to meet. She then replied to my note of thanks by inviting me as a guest speaker for a group she chairs. I didn’t even know she chaired this group and had never considered speaking there – until now. This upcoming speaking opportunity would never have occurred if I hadn’t taken a moment to say thanks. It started me thinking about how often saying thank you turns into new relationships and new business.

Here in America, November is Thanksgiving month. This month is a great time to pause to reflect on our gratitude and appreciation. So it’s an excellent time to consider “7 Ways to Say Thank You” that can bring you more referrals in the new year, starting right now in January 2014:

1. Say “Thank-You” to everyone who makes a difference in your life and career. When you thank people for going out of their way to assist, advise, guide, coach, connect, compliment, suggest, recommend, or pay it forward to you several positive results can ensue. Being thanked encourages them to remember how good it made you feel and how appreciative you genuinely are for what they did. Expressing thanks gives you another reason to reach out to get in touch with them again, find out how they are doing, and let them know what is new with you — which is a great way to stay connected and networked. It also shows them that you are a professional who follows up and follows through and never takes anything for granted.

2. Thank those who refer prospects that never turn into anything. Referrals that don’t often result in productive opportunities may seem as if they don’t warrant thanks. But it’s essential that you thank people every time they refer someone or something to you. When a referral doesn’t turn into a solid lead or job opportunity because he or she chooses someone else or you aren’t a good fit, or you’re too busy to follow up, the prospect frequently tells the referrer that “it didn’t work out.” As a result, that referrer is unlikely to send you any more leads, tips, ideas and referrals.

Instead, say thanks for every prospect, no matter what happens. It you end up not working with that person, tell the referrer why. If the referral wasn’t a match for your background, say more about who would be a good fit for them. If you’re too busy, explain that it’s only temporary and future referrals would be welcome. And if the prospect chose someone else, express thanks for the great opportunity and that you’d appreciate more just like it. Always remember to be a giver – not just a taker!

3. Thank your friends and family. Sometimes those that are closest to us are the ones that are taken for granted. Even when you are interacting with the closest people you know on daily basis, taking a moment to thank them for their continued trust will increase their love and respect for you, boost their loyalty gratitude, and encourage them to want to help be there for you even more.

4. Thank the leaders of groups you belong to. Association officers, program and membership chairs, and special interest group leaders deserve your thanks for the hard work they do. And, these high-profile individuals are often asked to refer someone with a particular specialty for an interview, speaking engagement, or business opportunity. Expressing your thanks gives you a chance to get better acquainted with them so they’ll think of you first.

5. Thank people who mention you in articles, blogs, and social networks. It has happened to me more times than I can count that I have thanked people for mentioning me or my work in an article or LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or blog post, and they have replied by asking me to speak for their group, be interviewed for an article, or contribute to their blog. Saying thank you increases the affinity between you and those you thank. It makes them want to find other ways to engage with you.

6. Thank those who provide good service. A thoughtful way to thank people who serve you and your business is to offer a testimonial they can use in their own marketing. Making your thanks public can result in higher name recognition for you and your business, inbound links to your website or social networking profile, and sometimes even gains you priority service because the recipient of your testimonial wants to keep your goodwill.

7. Thank prominent people whose work inspires you. Those who generously give of their time to help and inspire others are seldom thanked enough for their efforts. When you go out of your way to give thanks, you’ll stand out and be remembered, adding influential people like these to your personal network.

So many ways to give thanks may suggest that you could spend your whole day thanking people, and that’s not a bad thought. Saying thank you isn’t just a nice thing to do, it’s a practical approach to strengthening relationships, encouraging referrals, staying in touch with your network, and reminding people what your business is about. With a simple thank you it can lead to more business in so many ways, perhaps they should become a significant part of your job search marketing strategy.

And by the way, THANK YOU for reading this article, attending my ExecuNet Networking Meeting events, being my client and sending referrals my way! I appreciate your trust and look forward to serving you when and if you need help, advice and guidance.

Happy New Year 2014!

Mark James, CPC
Executive Career Transition Coach
Hire Consulting Services
Established in 1999

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