Try Rebooting Yourself During Your Job Search: Control Alt Delete

You know those times when we feel stuck? When it feels like no matter how hard we push, nothing seems to go quite right, or at least not how we wanted.  When life seems to lock up at the wrong time.  And it’s all unplanned.  What do we do when our computers or devices lock up, get overloaded, stuck?  The first method of trouble shooting:  Hit Control, Alt, Delete.  Somehow, it actually works.  And I thought about restarting in life.


When I feel stuck or frustrated, I realize it’s either because I’m trying to control something I shouldn’t or can’t; OR I’m not taking control where I need to and the “tail is wagging the dog”.  Let’s check the control button.  Do we need to let go of something we can’t control, or are we trying to control too much and denying others the opportunity to step in and grow.  Maybe we’ve been avoiding a decision, action or conversation and it’s time to step in, take control, be bold and provide proper boundaries and guidance.


After we have a firm finger on our “Ctrl” trigger, we need to hit “Alt” to alter our behavior.  In order to get to different results we will need to alter our behavior.   What behaviors can we alter to produce a different outcome?  And if we truly believe our behaviors are in proper alignment, then check any “ALT-terior” (ulterior) motives.  I call this checking my heart, or in other words, what are the true reasons I am doing what I’m doing.  Sometimes I find my heart is not in the right place.


Now the hard part. We have to Delete the prior events or what we’ve been making up in our head and get rid of the pent up frustrations and stop carrying around the past. We start from now – and I mean Right Now.  There is no history to remind us of anything.  Most people like to say “Live like it’s your last day”.  I prefer “Live each day as it’s your first”.   See everything with a fresh new perspective, full of opportunity, with excitement, and wonderment.

With Control Alt Delete – we can Restart!  And there will be a pause, a blank screen for a bit and that’s OK.   We need to afford ourselves a little time to reboot.  We all have different operating systems, so be patient.

To Your Best!

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