What a Baby Can Teach Us About Career Transition in 2015

Spending time with a little baby over the holidays was a fun experience. Here is a photo of a precious seven-month old who offered free lessons regarding skill development. When this baby “grows up”, I hope he doesn’t forget everything he learned as a baby. Perhaps it will keep him on track if ever he should find himself in the midst of a career transition.

Here are a few things you can learn from a baby that can have a positive effect on your job search:

Smile at people.

Follow the eyes of those present.

Grasp an object and hold on.


Speak up.

Laugh out loud.

Stay in the “Here and Now”.

Keep the main thing – the main thing!

Stay focused.

Be determined.

Don’t quit.

Hold your head steady and high.

Don’t worry.

Be happy.

Play nice.

Have fun.

Respond with delight when you hear your name.

Be grateful.

Be mindful.

Do certain tasks without support, once you have shown mastery.

Be creative.

Convert babble into communication that generates desired results and outcomes.

Communicate your messages with purpose.

Try something new.

Stay optimistic.

Be positive.

Keep learning.

No whining!

Don’t be judgmental.

Seek help.

Jump for joy about something, no matter what your numerical age.

Celebrate victories!

Exhibit competence in staying on task until you reach your target goal.

What skills will you develop in 2015? What is your plan to better manage your career successfully?

Let’s hear from you…..?

Good Hunting!
Coach Mark

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