What is Executive Career Transition Coaching?

What is Executive Career Transition Coaching? | HIRECONSULTING.COM

I have been asked by many clients and friends, “What is executive career transition coaching?”

A simple and straight answer would be the International Coaching Federation (ICF) definition:

Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

This definition is elegantly simple, but it is packed with many complexities. Two of those complexities, especially when coaching high-level executives are related to the driver/objective and the length of the engagement.

Let’s talk about the driver/objective of the engagement first.

When people initiate a coaching engagement, it usually falls into four categories. The one I am most familiar with is coaching executives in career transition or those individuals that are leaving a company in the near future.

This level of coaching is defined in FOUR PHASES.

Four Phases of Executive Career Transition Coaching

  1. Assessing your leadership skills, evaluating the current market conditions and landscape and creating a customized and strategic Job Search Marketing Plan™.
  2. Executing the plan (strategy) through active Marketplace Communication (networking) critical talent, top leadership, CEO succession planning.
  3. Securing first job interviews and comprehensive Mock Interview Training and Salary Negotiation concepts and strategies to close the deal on your optimal salary package.
  4. Closing out your job search and New Job Assimilation/On-Boarding Success for the first 100 days.

The next complexity is regarding the ideal time of the engagement.

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Executive Career Transition Coaching is a limited-time engagement lasting 6-12 months.

Many coaches present their work as having a distinct time engagement period. They clarify that this is an intervention, albeit a very positive one, but an experience that is time-limited.

Executive Career Transition Coaching as a competitive requirement.

This type of coaching relationship is similar to a relationship with an athletic coach.

At the highest level of athletics, as long as you wish to stay in the game and be at the top of your performance you continue to appreciate the value of a coach. You need to continue receiving the benefit of feedback based on the coach’s observation and expertise.

This is how the athlete (executive in transition) continues to improve in an arena (industry sector) where they know that their competition (other qualified executives) will run faster or jump higher each year, unless they make constant performance improvements and contributions during their career to stay competitive.

Coaching high-level executives is not much different.

They have a demanding group of stakeholders who expect performance to continue to increase year after year, quarter after quarter, month after month. The only way this is achieved is to become more efficient and effective at managing your executive career.

One of the ways that effectiveness is increased is through the constant feedback about your goals, strategy, content, delivery, style and substance that the executive career coach provides in a systematic approach to executing a professional job search and career management campaign.

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Mark James, CPC is the President of Hire Consulting Services, established in 1999. He is a Certified Personnel Consultant and has been providing executive career transition coaching and executive recruiting services for over 25 years. Mark is also a Certified Partner with Predictive Index® Behavior Assessments focused on talent selection and leadership development.

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