What is your Career Path?

Hire Consulting Services (HCS) is for business executives and professionals who are currently in career transition, planning to make a career change or start a new business. It’s all about “Hire Education and Career Path Coaching” and it’s designed to be a collaborative compass to help you calibrate your true north. Every goal with every client is made with the singular purpose of allowing you to choose the right career path by discovering trends, tools and knowledge to secure a more fulfilling, rewarding and productive career.

1) Be Change Ready: Career Change happens. You lose a job. Take a package. Decide to leave. Buy a business. Close a business, or seek new career path. We’ll help you take control and make change on your terms. HCS offers executive career leadership coaching, which helps you confidently decide on your new career path!

2) Step Into Your New Career Path: You’ve decided what you want to do next. Start a business, launch a consulting practice, seek a new career, retire in style, etc. But how do you begin? We’ll help you create a plan, take action and move forward-on your terms!

3) Plan For Your Success: The First 180 Days are critical to your future success so we offer a program specifically designed to support you through this period. After 180 days? We’d love for you to continue on with our executive career networking meetings and connectivity relationships! Your career path success is our mission!

4) Expect Results: Talk with our active and landed HCS Career Coaching Clients. Get the validation you need for your 100% commitment to learn and be guided on how to conduct a professional job search campaign and embrace your new career path!


• Taking a package, retiring or semi-retired and looking for a new career path
• In career transition wanting to explore career and/or entrepreneurial change
• Working, know that there is “more”, and want to explore career path changes on your terms
• An entrepreneur looking for viable options: consulting, business or franchise ownership
• A later stage business owner that is preparing to exit and is looking for a new career path
• In need of speakers or trainers to motivate and empower change that matters with executive career management.

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